About Us

Success is when I see my client smile.

Leila Mollapour the owner is so passionate about her profession as a hairstylist and salon manager that she commutes two hours a day to Dunbar by bus and train.

She worked at Dunbar’s Great Clips for nine years before it closed due to the block being redeveloped. The owner chose to reopen in a new storefront in July 2019 and named the hair salon Stylish Cut. The dedicated employees came along, as they are a united team and enjoy working together. In turn, their loyal client base followed them. 

As a stylist I have a new boss every 30 minutes and that is who I’m trying to please and my all is given to them.

Sherri Jones

Stylish Cut Salon 3231 Dunbar St. Vancouver, BC V6S 2B8

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